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Providing project information is easy with the free

online estimate.      This process helps with:

  1. Providing the layout and measurements of the job.
  2. Type and style of fence.
  3. Gate information
  4. Cost range for budgeting


The most popular styles and heights are provided for a preliminary cost.  Once we have this information the estimate can be fine tuned for a more accurate quote.  


Use the Vinyl and Aluminum Fence buttons at the bottom of the page.  

The manufacturer's websites will show all the bells and whistles available for your fence.

We can discuss these options over the phone!

Fence Styles - Choose from over 50 styles of vinyl fence or design a style of your own.

Installation - We can answer all your installation questions to Do-It-Yourself or have it Professionally Installed.

Heights - Standard heights can range from 3' to 8' and custom heights are available.

Vinyl Gates - Many sizes of both single and double gates.

Aluminum Gates - Huge selection of single, double, and estate gates.

Colors  - Vinyl  and Aluminum have several colors to choose from.

Wood Grain - Most vinyl fence styles are available to look like wood.

Pool Fence • Picket Spacing • Finials • Post Caps • Pet Containment • Live Stock

Call us or provide your  information on the contact us page and we will call you. 

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